Simple Cybersecurity resolutions for the New Year

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] A New Year should mean a new you when it comes to ensuring you keep your devices secure. Below are some simple cybersecurity resolutions for 2022. [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_headingtheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Scams come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how they’re dressed up, they always want something valuable, URGENTLY. So don’t be rushed—take your […]

Email with Apple Mail

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_headingtheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Learn how to configure Apple Mail for use with your Heath Computers e-mail account using the POP3 Protocol. Before you begin, you will need to have created an E-mail account in your Heath Computers package. [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_headingtheme”][/siteorigin_widget] On your Apple Mac, click on the Apple Symbol top left of your screen then select […]

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_headingtheme”][/siteorigin_widget]Microsoft 365 is the new name for the suite of Office 365 products from Microsoft.[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_headingtheme”][/siteorigin_widget][siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_toggle”][/siteorigin_widget]

What is Malware?

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget]During this time strange and troubling time all around the world due to Covid-19, we now see people working from home becoming the norm even if only for a short period of time. At this time unscrupulous people have not stopped trying to attack your devices and businesses, so it is even more important […]

Avast Cloudcare Scan

Instructions on how to run an Avast Cloudcare Full Scan Open avast antivirus from the bottom right by the clock [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Double click on the orange logo as above Then when the Avast Cloudcare window opens click on protection tab [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Then click on virus scans [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Finally click on scan now […]


[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Socially Distanced IT Support During the Coronavirus lockdown, Heath Computers will operate as follows:- Where possible, computer support will be done over a remote connection. If remote work is not possible, computers can be collected/dropped at your doorstep using safe distancing. We will continue to provide IT support as far as possible without […]

Windows 7 EOL

Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end on 14 January 2020! Need help upgrading or replacing your PC to Windows 10, or just want help/advice on what to do? Why not contact us at Heath Computers on either of the following: Tel: 01279 912345 Email: [siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget]

Useful Tools

[siteorigin_widget class=”thinkup_builder_imagetheme”][/siteorigin_widget] Useful Tools Below is a list of useful tools. DNS  Spam Block Lists Email